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Dating Made Simple – Top Dating Tips!

How can I make my dating profile more appealing?

An appealing profile is key to finding a potential match online. A good selection of photos helps other singles to know what you look like and how you like to spend your time. Listing your interests and hobbies allows people to see what you have in common. Try to share the qualities you are looking for in a match, rather than those you aren’t, to look more positive and appealing.

I am a nervous dater, can Dating Made Simple help me?

If you struggle with nerves when dating or meeting new people then online dating can be the perfect solution for you. Just try to relax and be yourself.

What if no one responds to my messages?

If someone doesn't respond to your messages, its likely because your interests don’t match theirs. Unanswered messages aren't a reflection on you, so try not to let it discourage you from further online dating. Look for partners whose interests match yours, and communicate with more than one member to increase your chances of a response.

Use your judgement

At Dating Made Simple we try to monitor every account and investigate any unusual or inappropriate activity; however, we do not conduct criminal background checks during registration. Try to be vigilant and pay attention to the truthfulness of your partner – are there any inconsistencies in what they’re telling you?

Be Honest and Stay Confident

Don't put yourself down when talking to someone new, have confidence to sound more attractive. A partner isn't going to find you attractive if you don’t. That said, while confidence is sexy, arrogance is not.

Be Specific!

The aim of online dating it to find someone you have lots in common with. Be original! Telling someone you like music and spending time with friends doesn’t tell your potential partner anything. Say which music you like and what you like to do with your friends. Rather than saying you like sunsets, tell someone about the best sunset you’ve ever seen.

Get help from friends

Most of us find it difficult to talk about ourselves, particularly in a positive manner. If you’re struggling to write your profile, get help from a friend.

Ditch the wish list

Online dating profiles can tend to read like a shopping list. It's important to be realistic when looking for your new partner. Lists are not only off-putting for any prospective matches, but also set you up for disappointment. No one is perfect, and when you meet the right person these qualities will likely not matter anymore.

Don't play hard to get

Be proactive. You are here to meet new people, so don't just wait for them to come to you. On the other hand, you don't need to write an epic letter explaining everything about yourself. Introduce yourself with a quick couple of interesting points. Time moves fast in online dating, so don’t leave someone waiting days for a reply. While you’re treating them mean to “keep them keen” they may be finding someone else to chat with.

Have sex if you want to!

When the right time is to have sex with someone is entirely up to you. If it feels right, then go for it. But never allow anyone to pressure you into sex if you aren't ready. If your partner truly cares for you, they will be happy to wait. Try not to get caught up in the rules of what you should and shouldn't do. Dating is supposed to be fun!

Don’t expect too much

Remember you are meeting a stranger. Probability-wise its likely it won’t be a match. How many people do you meet in person that you instantly would like a relationship with? Online dating is no different, so try not to worry when you don’t find someone immediately. Your perfect match is out there, you just need to be patient! See it all as experience, learn from your bad dates and try again.

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